Jan 15, 2019

by ASadler


It’s been a rough last few years for Troy Ave but the lyricist out of Crown Heights is pressing onward with the music and his lifestyle. His new video, “Hennessy and Apple Juice,” shows the rapper seated in front of fireplace decked out in Dolce & Gabbana. What’s he sipping on? You guessed it.

The song is as New York as they come, with classic drums and a start-stop flow. Though he’s braggadocious and deflects any negativity, he’s equally reflective on his comeup. “I remember having to draw my mama up a wish list, now everyday my kids could say ‘Daddy, is it Christmas?!'”

I’m all for second chances, and it’s nice to see the rapper seriously considering his new direction in life after some mishaps. He’s been granted the ability to travel on fishing trips and hasn’t missed a beat musically, with albums Style 4 Free 2More Money More Problems and holiday EP White Christmas 6 dropping around Christmas of last year. His video for “Who I’m Becoming” released around the same time and has amassed over 350k views in this short period.

What the future holds is uncertain but I do hope for the best after seeing the changes he has made. I have a longer piece coming detailing everything over the course of this process for Roland Collins, but in the meantime turn up one time to the video for “Hennessy and Apple Juice.” Maybe he’ll pour you a cup if you tag along for a fishing trip.