Sep 16, 2015

Trouble Andrew pulls an audio lick with his new track


by Duke


unnamed (3)

You heard the man. Fork it over. New Trouble Andrew.

Gimme all your money please
Seven bucks for a coffee ,
Coffin made by Versace
God knows what it cost me
Whats beef You really got me
6 feet in some Yeezys
Super size with fries please
Put us all in the microwave
Lock us up no we can’t behave
Kill us all or you make us slaves
Fuck the law what does it mean
They get away with everything
Fuck a lot, watch tv
Sorry you can’t please me

Gimme all your money please
You should know ain’t nothin free
Proactive for my acne
so maybe she will fuck me
Adderol for my  add,

Zans for anxiety
life’s Gucci
yea were all fiends,
hands up, no i can’t breathe,
Life is cheap what it cost me ?
That cop walked off Scott free
Right there’s where Lost me
I remember  I had a dream
woke up, ain’t nothin changed
Give it up they want everything
Cough it, promethazine
Lock me up throw away the keys
Don’t give a fuck no apologies
Go ahead and Unfollow me
You suck go on and swallow me

Gimme all your money please