Jan 27, 2019

TROSSTHEGIANT breathes new life into a classic cut.


by ASadler


“Now they call me Mr. cause I’m only doing big stuff.” With a placement on Spotify’s New Music Friday’s playlist leading him to a quick 25k streams in under 12 hours, that line seems pretty appropriate for TROSSTHEGIANT. The Oceanside, CA artist sampled Jean Knight‘s “Mr. Big Stuff” like many rappers have, namely Heavy D, but his unique voice certainly gave him a distinguishable take in new single “BigStuff.”

Lyrically, he’s sharp. Through flow and cadence switches, he maintains his posture and soars. Not that age really matters when you’ve got rappers making classic albums before being legal, but at 21 years of age Ross feels smack in the middle of making fun music for the youth and appealing to the elders with the sample and style. He has strong presence, so much so that even with a dope beat I walk away from this track primarily impressed by his performance.

What’s to come for the rapper next? Big Stuff, perhaps? Last year was solid with the release of his project Misanthropics. However, with Spotify’s recognition he could truly swell to a giant in 2019. These Cali rappers as a whole are really bringing the energy. I gotta take a trip out there and see what they’re concocting.

Check out “BigStuff” below.