Oct 3, 2018

Trey Tuck is “Rockin Wit Ya”.


by sawad



From Bristol, Connecticut, Trey Tuck is an artist offering a seriously impressive flow. Basing his musical style off his inspirations and everyday life, he aims to voice a story through his rhymes. Tuck recently released his newest single “Rockin’ Wit Ya” which is currently available on all streaming platforms and will be available on his upcoming EP. The messages that come across in this song are chilling especially with the beautiful sample that plays softly in circles beneath his words.

Trey Tuck has been in the music industry for 4 years but this year he’s kicking it into high gear. The artist became more focused now on connecting his music to relate directly to his supporters. Envisioning his music to be powerful enough to bring positivity to the world, get a feel for his sound and play his new single “Rockin’ Wit Ya” below.