Feb 5, 2019

Travy Nostra is back to dropping hits.


by juneilcg


Travy Nostra has been consistently putting out dope music for years showing himself to be one of the best lyricists coming out of the DMV combining compelling storytelling, technical rhymes, vivid lyrics, and compelling flows. Despite being viewed as underrated by many listeners and fans, Travy has shown himself to be an artist with innate skill possessing a natural charisma.

Last year his career was temporarily derailed when the Maryland artist was arrested. Returning home in December the industrious emcee has kept up a steady output of consistent music releasing a strewn of visuals and loosies. Out working many of his peers Travy’s output doesn’t stop.

Travy Nostra goes extremely hard! On his latest track “Crack” he puts it on strong with aggressively unleashing hard-hitting lyrics rapping “we apply that fucking pressure until they crack, foot on niggas necks ain’t no looking back”. Travy is in his bag on this one giving us a dope track as he spits verbal venom.

Press play on “Crack” below