Oct 20, 2018

One of the year’s biggest songs gets the video treatment it deserves.


by ASadler


Upon its release, Travis Scott‘s third studio album Astroworld was the cause of much discussion due to the many big features it had that weren’t listed. One, in particular, was Drake‘s appearance on “SICKO MODE.” The catchy back and forth between Trav and Drizz along with the 3 beat changes made the song a quick favorite and club banger. It was only a matter of time before they gave the fans a video featuring the two of them and other surprises.

Astroworld has been Cactus Jack’s biggest artistic endeavor yet, looking at the album artwork, promo tour, and merch. The video was no different, taking place in Houston with a horde of women and epic transitions between scenes. Scott has never been one to just put out videos without any thought or creativity, but this one was beyond the abstract. It’s fun, trippy, and continually eye-catching. Travis pretends to be a teacher, Drake falls through the galaxy and then hops on a school bus with a baddie among various other scenes.

This video is yet another installment of the amazing thrill ride that is Astroworld. Though the live experience has been different for fans, for example when NBA champion LeBron James appeared at their performance in LA, the “SICKO MODE” visual has given them a slight taste of what may be to come for future performances. Check the video out and see for yourself.