Aug 7, 2018

Featuring ten brand-new tracks.


by NFabry


Madison, Wisconsin’s Trapo puts an incomparable amount of time and effort into his art. Although sometimes it may feel like his upcoming album Ford 4 Door is on the same time schedule as Dr. Dre’s Detox, we know the wait is due to his unwillingness to put out anything less than a classic album.

Thankfully, the hard-working artist has satisfied his hungry fans by recently dropping a twelve-piece EP entitled Oil Change. Going through the 47 minutes of highly reflective and articulate poetry, an unaware listener would surely think this is the masterpiece album he’s been promising. The project includes two previously-released singles in “Grow Up” and “Drunk Punch”, along with ten new tracks to indulge in.

It’s guaranteed that every time you listen, you’ll find something new to appreciate about Oil Change. Pay one the most talented rappers in the Midwest respect by thoroughly enjoying the EP below, and stay tuned for Ford 4 Door.