Nov 21, 2018

by ASadler


Well. Maybe the jabs through over Instagram Live at Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Joyner Lucas was all part of Tory Lanez plan to drop some new music, and if so then the man is not calculated. Not only did he incite a beef, but he dropped a strong set of bars to back it up.  His new “Lucky You” Freestyle dropped around 5AM this morning, done over the same beat Lucas linked up with Eminem on for Kamikaze.

For drawing first blood, this was an impressive lyrical display for Tory Lanez. Though he is popular for his melodies and use of autotune, his ability to wrap is highly overlooked. His albums I Told You and Memories Don’t Die are packed with B-Side records where his exhibits his lyrical prowess, though they get overshadowed by his more melodic tracks on both albums, “Say It,” “LUV,” and “Shooters” which succeeded more on a mainstream scale.

Tory starts off fast, doubles his speed, and packs the 2:33 track with loads of bravado. The flow is faster than he has ever rapped before, and was seemingly done intentionally as a shot at Lucas who is known for his fast talk. The intent is clear at the end, when he addresses how some rappers feel they are above others due to the speed in which they spit.

To provide some context for those who might be lost, the Brampton artist was hanging out IG Live yesterday as most rappers do and answering questions from fans. He was discussing his abilities in music, specifically his exceptional melodies and songwriting.

Coming off a successful release of LoVE mE NOw, he’s definitely feeling himself a bit. Naturally, K. Dot and Cole came up, as they would in any discussion about talented rappers. Tory made sure first to pay them their respect as creative artists of today.

The 26-year-old then went on to admit he feels he is capable of keeping up with them when it comes to rap. As any rapper should. Lyrical assassin Joyner Lucas, 30, also came up in conversation and Lanez immediately dismissed any possibility of Lucas being near his level of ability. Let’s pause briefly here.

It goes without saying that the landscape of rap beef has changed significantly, specifically rappers’ sensitivities along the addition and impact of social media. While some may view the whole addressing issues through Instagram Live as corny, it provides rappers’ opponents the ability to tune into what is being said instantly. Fans are also very quick to screen grab a video and send it to artists, to create some drama.

Without social media, Lucas may not have been able to gain access to two of Lanez’ videos and post a response on his own Instagram. Thankfully, he was able to and he did what any competitor would do in this situation – he challenged Tory a battle where they select a beat, both rap over it and then drop it at the same time so fans can decide who wins.

Tory later went back to IG Live, inviting Joyner to join the video but instead getting Trippie Redd. The two laughed at the entire situation, and it seemed like the red-dread out of Ohio was in support of Tory when it came to deciding who would beat the other.

Again, this could all have been a ploy by Tory Lanez to garner some attention before he drops new music. It was quite the fortunate coincidence for him then, that Lucas came up and he was able to utilize that beat. He’s made his point, and now it’s Joyner’s time to respond. Tory didn’t exactly abide by the rules Lucas set out, dropping the track at 5AM with no forewarning, but they didn’t exactly come to an agreement either so perhaps he is in the clear.

Nowcurrently in album mode finishing up his upcoming project ADHDJoyner has the luxury of time to really put together something that could match the freestyle or completely obliterate it. This is the type of stuff rap fans live for, artists addressing their qualms on wax. Check out the “Lucky You” freestyle below and stay tuned here or IG Live for a response. Who do you think would win this battle?