Nov 2, 2019

New single from rising Toronto singer-songwriter and producer. See him headline in concert on the 2nd of November at 129 Spadina Avenue in Toronto.


by Mus


Toronto singer-songwriter and producer Madhouse has a new single out today called “Chosen”.

In “Chosen”, which is self-produced, everything feels space-like and starry-eyed until the song begins to fade out at the 1:41 mark. The switch up in the intonation matched with the layered vocal tracks work to a tee here. The song agrees with Madhouse‘s penchant and taste for hip-hop/rap while retaining the signature emotive aggression Madhouse is making a name for himself with. “Chosen” is an inspiring ode to self-worth as its lyricism on journeys in life, every form of well-being and relationships synthesize into one song you can’t miss, especially if you are keeping tabs on the music being made in Toronto.

Lyrical Lemonade credits the artist with “dark and powerful R&B stylings”. Complex calls Madhouse a “moody pop wonderkid”, crediting him with “post-Black Panther Weeknd Vibes with millennial Max Martin chord structure.”

But, to tell you my thoughts, you will be hard pressed to find a new artist as boldly innovative as Madhouse working in music today. Not only he is an provocateur of original soundscapes, but he is also an excellent songwriter. When you pair Madhouse‘s ear for production with his taste for self-reflective, pointed perspective, you have enough of a winning formula to last for quite some time.

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