Jul 18, 2019

London artist Tom Tripp’s new single is a funky jam to dance to.


by jgregory


Londoner Tom Tripp is back with a new up-tempo jam premiered by the good people at The Fader. It is easy to hear this track turning up any club or party that this record is thrown on at. There are several funky electronic and dance influences to the sonics of this track, creating a dark yet bouncy atmosphere that Tripp’s bright vocals nicely contrast. “TAM” is his first release since his 2018 single “Medusa.”

Tom Tripp is slowly asserting himself at the forefront of the UK’s massive dance scene, propelled by a healthy mix of grime and drum & bass, with artists like Mura Masa (who coincidentally discovered Tripp) pioneering a new musical movement at his side. “TAM” is definitely going on my playlist and hopefully Tom Tripp has more new tunes for us soon.

Listen to “TAM” here: