Dec 4, 2018

“I got a snake on sneakers, I’m making more money than my teachers.”


by Mike_Squid


TJ Porter is at the forefront of the buzzing Harlem scene. The youthful emcee is back on our pages today with a truly impressive trifecta of singles on his newly released Pregame EP. Porter may still be at the pregame, but’s clear he’s taking shots at the competition already.

The buzzing 18-year-old has a knack for painting vivid narratives in a compact time-frame, his latest release serves as just a small glimpse of his story as we look forward to his upcoming full-length project, Voice Of The Trenches. “Tricky” is my pick for standout track from the New York native’s new offering, but give the project a few listens and see which you’re feeling the most.

Press play on “The Pregame” below.