Jan 19, 2019

Thutmose can’t be stopped.


by TRummel


Quietly, Thutmose has been killing it for a minute now. The Brooklyn-via-Nigeria artist has released lots of fire, though, one could definitely argue it hasn’t garnered (all) the attention it deserves. Certainly, he’s gained some plaudits (and netted some achievements), but, listening to singles like his latest here, it’s evident his fame can only increase from here.

Sonically, “Wait Up” has a polished, effervescent feel, and Thut manages to control it nicely with his concise, catchy lines. The energy is unmistakably right on this one, and it belies this author to think it won’t gain an audience with proper exposure tossed its way. We’re doing our part to grant that, and we certainly hope the masses catch on to the vibe this one has.