Thutmose has been on quite the hot streak, releasing his first single of the year just last month titled “Wait Up”. With this last single, listeners were introduced to a more impassioned and sentimental side of the Brooklyn via Lagos rapper-singer. Closing out his 2018 which was jam-packed with elevated excellence, Thutmose comes into the new year with undivided attention to his master plan.

As February begins and Valentine’s Day creeping up just around the corner, Thut continues to showcase his vulnerable side in his latest single “Romeo Is Dead”, where love and loyalty are the two pronounced principles he speaks about—also including a hopeless romantic nucleus at the core. Produced by Dan Farber, Thut delivers lyrics that reflect a starry-eyed yet guarded exterior, communicating that he will not accept anything lesser when it comes to what he deserves. As he sings, “Who taught you how to love/You pose to take this serious/Stop playing with my heart/I need somebody loyal..”, Thut lets his walls down and reflects on past mistreatment before diving into a barred out verse where he spits with a fiery relentlessness. Beginning a North American tour with KEY! in support of MadeInTyo, Thutmose knows just how to bring excitement and passion to the forefront, continuing to put his stamp on a victorious 2019.

Check out the upcoming tour dates and locations below.