by liammccarthy


Surprise releases run in the Carter family bloodline. These mysterious 4:44 ads have been popping up across the country and have been speculated to be a part of a Jay Z rollout. Despite lack of confirmation from the legendary mogul whether the release would be a full-length album or some type of other art form (short film, installation, etc.), Sprint broke the news with a new banner on their webpage, reading “Get exclusive access to JAY-Z’s new album.”

The mobile service owns 33% of TIDAL and therefore is an overly reliable source. Not to mention, they have since deleted the portion of the ad that mentions an album, as now it currently reads “Get exclusive access to JAY-Z.” Screenshots are a savior and thankfully someone captured the news leak before Sprint could notice.

See the screenshot below and stay tuned for more information regarding Jay Z’s forthcoming album 4:44, currently set to drop on June 30th.