Dec 15, 2015

Those bastard Independence Day aliens are invading Earth again!

Bryan Zawlocki

by Bryan Zawlocki


I remember my dad took me to see the first Independence Day in theatres in 1996. My 8 year old self was scared shitless by that movie. Aliens laser leveling entire cities? Not cool. But Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and the fighter pilot President we’re there to save the day. Now the Aliens are back again and so are our original heroes. Except for Will Smith, who appears to have sat this one out. Which has me a bit concerned. Will Earth be able to prevail this time without Will Smith? I’ll definitely watch and find out, because the President’s speech always gets me piped up. “Today is one day when the world declare in one voice, We will not go quietly into the night, We will not vanish without a fight!”.