Oct 31, 2015

TheCoolisMac has been busy lately, but he still had time to tell his hometown what’s good


by Duke


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.31.07 PM

Last week we linked up with TheCoolisMac of WDNG CRSHRS to hear what he’s been listening to, make sure you check that out. Today we’re proud to premiere a brand new track from the DUHCATUR artist called “Up2Me” produced by Nick Miles. Mac brings his signature style to the table to stunt on the doubters back home, or is he just paving the way? In his own words:

WOAH whats that?! A brand new Coolismac cut? Damn bro where you been at?! That WDNG taking off and I think its time we let them folks know bout where we come from…DUHCATUR! Its more than a fye ass ad-lib…its why you like us..its why you wanna be apart of something bigger than yourself. A lot of niggas from the same area but aint putting on nowhere close to the way Coolismac does…Give a fuck if you never seen him there…

If you want to see what the Mac & Miller were up to in New York, peep their video for “63/WDNG” below.