November 05, 2020

Dream team



With popular tracks such as "Thinking About You," "Starlight," and "Rollin’," powerhouse trio, Un!dentified is nothing short of success when it comes to their musical abilities. Looking at their recent releases alone, the feel of their records is next to unforgettable.

The trio is made up of Justin Dosanjh, Harman Sandhu, and Sukhan Sandh, and the group has all bases covered when it comes to pushing out music. Justin and Harman post as lead vocalists and writers as Sukhan as their in-house producer. It is seen that their musical talent is unmatched. With a constant flow of instrumentals from Sukhan and well-composed lyrics to fit Justin and Harman, this group doesn’t need anyone else.

Their newest single, "Thinking about you," is a genre-blending record that mixes in house/world music all in one. The single has picked up steam as of late, getting the attention of more listeners and potential fans. These three talented artists are the next wave to come.

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Instagram: @officialunidentified 

Twitter: @OffUnidentified