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Perhaps one of YouTube‘s most progressive features is the automatic subtitles generated for every video. It’s surely some incredibly technology, but obviously doesn’t work to its full extent in every situation.

Lil Pump‘s iconic “Flex Like Ouu” video is one of the aforementioned exceptions to the annotation feature, as the lyrics are completely butchered. Despite the lyrics being hella fuckin’ wrong, there are some absolutely hilarious misheard captions that’ll have you dyin’.

Check out some of the funniest examples and their translations below, and watch above for yourself if you don’t believe us.


1. “I’m gonna embrace Anabella moving every said” = “Move them bricks to the bando like, ouu”

2. “Diamond aware it’s an delightful” = “Diamond on my wrist and it look like glue”

3. “Medical pencil whisperer technical” = “Made a couple bands water whippin'”

4. “Oh I want to eat eggs // I place on my edge” = “I run through these checks, ouu // I flex on my ex, ouu”

5. “Leftovers and trust (trust) // Let’s all get their trash (oh)” = “Left 4 bands in the trap (trap) // Left 4 bands in the trap (four)”

6. “Moon in great set up a light” = “Move them bricks to the bando like, ouu”