Oct 5, 2019

This week’s best songs featuring: NoCap, BossLife Big Spence, Lil Lotus, Roddy Ricch, and fish narc.


by jmarkow


Trust me, we get it. In today’s streaming-dominated market it can be tough to keep up with the avalanche of new releases every week. Lucky for you, that’s where we come in. Every week we’ll be bringing you a few songs we’ve had on repeat the past week. You can find many of these tracks and others on our weekly Spotify playlist here.

Read on to discover some new heaters.

NoCap – Free Durkio

I will bet anyone $10 that NoCap is going to be massive by this time next year.

BossLife Big Spence – 10k

This shit go stoopid.

Lil Lotus – Sleep Paralysis

Lotus is by definition a rockstar and this is arena music.

Roddy Ricch – Out Tha Mud

I just counted up 100 bands with my dawgs at the Airbnb!

fish narc – WHY? ft. Lil Tracy, Fantasy Camp, and Lil Zubin

Legend has it, nobody hit their head on the underground entrance to Marvy Ayy’s studio when they were walking into the session this song was recorded during.