Jul 23, 2019

It’s a Tennessee Takeover.


by DevinRobertson


Tennessee is filled with talents. From Memphis to Chattanooga and everywhere in between, the entire state is proving to be one of the holy grounds of hip-hop. With this Country Cousins-directed visual, Memphis’ Young Soul, Nashville’s Brian Brown and OGTHAGAWD connect to prove that the South got something to say. 

Fresh off dropping his album Summer on South Parkway, Young Soul continues with the summer heat while Brian Brown takes us on a Journey. The Tennesseans link up to count stacks over a lurking Joseph Fiend beat. Young Soul and Brian go bar for bar with two spectacular verses while OGTHAGAWD’s gruff voice resonates over the chorus. Time to get the money.

(@josephfiend_ @worldofbrown @1youngsoul @OGThaGawd)