As mentioned before, Arizona’s Hip-Hop scene is one to be aware of. Already knowing of cats like Lil QWERTY, Injury Reserve, and Hotelroom, the city is back with Young Nut and his amazingly entertaining new video, “May I”.

Produced by tEChnician and Felix Herbst, “May I” is minimalistic, the stripped-down track that’s rooted heavily in melody, auto-tune, some spacey synthesizers and an exuberantly creative mind. Nut spends the first verse setting you up, leading you to believe it’s just your normal, everyday love song with his calm demeanor.

Then the chorus comes, “May I have some coochie? May I have some coooooooooooooooooochie girl?!”

And when I tell you that a flash of a 2019, updated version of Revenge of The Nerds popped into my head, there’s no exaggeration. I’m not even sure where I was going with the rest of that thought or this article—but that’s the feeling you’ll get when seeing the brilliant shit he pulls off in this video, directed by popular AZ cameraman, Collin Miller.

Check out, “May I” below and welcome yourself to the world of Young Nut—who’s other viral hit is a song by the name of, “I Don’t Eat Ass”. Gotta love the youth.