Mar 27, 2020

“Stop talkin’ to me baby girl, I don’t even wanna text.”

June Morales

by June Morales


So much can be said about the artist of this song or the song itself  (first of all the song is a BOP and I am proud to say she is from South Florida) clothing designer and artist Te Aly has so much to offer the world in the years to come, I’m certain music like “War Ready” is but a glimpse of what’s to be.  The cover art displays a futuristic dystopia and the title further leads you to embark on the tracks potential. Her eloquent vocals accompanied by an entrancing beat and the catchy chorus reciting “we ready for war,” make this song a certified hit. Te Aly is an artist that’s been on my radar for some time because I know it’s only a matter of time until we see her name everywhere as the next BIG thing. Stream “War Ready” vis Spotify by clicking the link below!

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