Sep 5, 2019

Tay Money keeps a Lakers game ticket in her high school locker.


by Patrick

Head of A&R // Editor

Tay Money is a rapper. But not just any rapper. She is on track to be the next mega star in the world of women. Hailing from Dallas, Tay Money has a great shot to be the only white girl thus far in short history of hip-hop to ever feel fully authentic and exciting.

Her music video for “High School,” shot by Aragon Media, is just 2 minutes long. She’s outside a school, she’s in a boxing ring, she’s wearing a glistening chain with her name on it. She’s Tay Money and she’s here paving a lane. What is interesting here is her accent – made in rural Athens, Texas – sounding more than appropriate for the production. Kreayshawn walked and Ke$ha ran so Tay Money could fly. Press play and become a stan if you’re not already.

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