February 16, 2021

This Texas Rapper Is Coming For Everyone


Tay Money - ELEVATOR Cover Feb 2021

From artists like Saweetie to Megan Thee Stallion, the pandemic has skyrocketed many acts into popularity. Among the long list is the one and only Tay Money, who is globally recognized for records like “Bussin” and “Trapper's Delight”. In her own words: “Tay Money is this loveable little cute little goodie goodie cowgirl. I’m really humble and I’m extremely blessed. If you take a good time and put it in a drink, that’s me. Tay Money is a blast.”

The rising music star was born in the small town of Athens, Texas—an hour away from Dallas, TX. Raised in a family of four, Tay’s striking personality is a result of an outgoing and athletic childhood. She went to college for softball before leaving and pursuing beauty school. Shortly after switching disciplines, Tay found her passion for music. It's a passion that eventually led to sold-out shows and millions of streams years later.“When I think about my childhood, I miss it. I’m ready to go back to being a kid, I wanted to grow up so fast but now I’m like I’m ready to go back to my little bitty farm," said Tay Money recently. "As a kid, I always loved music but I just didn’t know what it meant to me. I didn’t think it was possible that I could make music so once I started, I was like ‘oh my gosh, this is crazy’ and I never looked back.”

Tay Money 1 - ELEVATOR Cover Feb 2021

Tay Money 2- ELEVATOR Cover Feb 2021

She burst onto the scene with the release of her critically-acclaimed debut project, DUH!. The 6-song offering contained her breakout release “Trapper's Delight” as well as other notable songs such as “Tay Money Souffle Tay” and “Bih Like Me.” It was not long before she followed up the well-received debut with the release of fan-favorite Hurricane Tay in 2019. The full-length project included guest appearances from notable artists like DaBaby and YNW Melly. Much like her previous release, Tay came to impress and she did exactly that, spawning hit singles such as “Bussin” and “Booty” amongst various others.In regards to navigating 2020 and beyond, Tay is just as fearless as her music. “Once I create a body of work, I’m so explosive, I’m like let’s drop this tonight,” She said. “I never get nervous, I try to look at it like maybe this next project will change my life. Maybe this next video will change my life. So I’m very excited and I always look forward to [future projects].”

This past month, Tay Money unveiled her eagerly-awaited EP, Blockedt . Containing smash hit pre-releases such as “Bussin 2.0” and “Brat,” the 10-track compilation puts forth some of Tay’s best work to date. Throughout the project, her irresistible southern accent graces snares and bass as she delivers feel-good raps that fans of all sorts can enjoy. It also has features from Mulatto, Saweetie, and fellow Southerner Key Glock, whose male mantra pairs well with Tay on the standout track “Friendly.”

Speaking on the features, Tay Money said “I had to go with Mulatto because every song, she comes correct so it’s only right she does so on a Tay Money track. Saweetie is just the ultimate when you see someone on Instagram and go ‘dang, she’s everything.’ That’s Saweetie so if she’s everything and I’m everything, then we have to be everything together especially on a song like ‘Bussin 2.0.’' She adds, “With Key Glock, I love the knitty and gritty sound, that umph. It’s almost like a South sound, I love when the trap boys balance me out because I’m like Pop rap.”

Tay Money 3- ELEVATOR Cover Feb 2021

Throughout our interview, Tay's energetic and loving personality stood out tremendously. With bars that’ll make you smile and a character that can’t be duplicated, the Texas rapper has shown that no matter what she’s doing she’ll do it to the best of her abilities. Keep your eyes peeled for new music from the artist and be sure to keep Tay Money on your radar as we dive further into 2021.

 “My short-term goals would be getting slim thick, I’m about to be in the gym. I’m about to be documenting all of this and y'all are going to want to go the gym every time I post," she joked. "My long-term goal is to just be great. I want to be remembered, I want to be healthy for people, I want to do this shit the right way. My long-term is to spread nothing but love."

Tay Money 4 - ELEVATOR Cover Feb 2021