“I am a Chicago based artist that’s been rapping since I was young. My first official public release was in 2018 when my long-awaited mixtape; Tavetape was released which included different styles of music for everyone’s taste in the genre. The positive feedback I received and keep receiving, only adds more fuel to the already fire that I have in my heart to keep me moving forward with my rap career. The future looks bright for me with the new music that is currently in the works and new followers/fans that I am gaining every day. My songs provide energy for my fans to feed off of and have a good time. My recent release is Read bout it the video is unique in its style and storyline.

Check out my Sound Cloud page which is Tave Legend and my mixtape currently on there which is called Tave tape. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media on Instagram @thattaveboy ”

Stream the video below!