September 19, 2018

Tally Bands is cheating death on his debut single.


Tally Bands is here to cure your mid-week blues with a bouncing new track. Bands’ latest, “How I Aint Die” is an infectious and energetic new single from the multi-talented artist. The track finds Bands showcasing his melodic style while taunting death. Tally, is a native of the Bronx but is aiming to make more music that appeals to a more universal audience than some of his contemporaries. And what’s more universal and relatable than death?

A new signee of The Orchard Sony Urban division, Tally is wasting no time getting going. “How I Aint Die” is Tally’s official debut and the single showcases the potential that Tally possesses to continue leveling up. The infectious beat was produced by Elevator favorite Black Mayo, the uptempo instrumental allows Bands the perfect backdrop to insert his catchy chorus and haunting bars. We look forward to hearing more from Bands in the near future, but for now, you can start by getting familiar with “How I Aint Die”

Press play below