Sep 15, 2015

Talib Kweli continues to buck the trends of the industry on ‘Fuck The Money’


by Duke



In case you missed Talib Kweli’s latest single (I’m guessing music distributors aren’t in love with the ‘Fuck The Money’ model) here’s the Cassper Nyovest-assisted capitalism takedown. It does feel incredibly stupid to work all day and night for a currency made up by “them” but anyways…

If you’re a fan of the legendary lyricist, or just this song, make sure you head to Talib’s site to grab his new album with a VXRY RVRE free download. Thanks Kweli!

PS – I’m a huge Kweli fan, evidenced by how nervous I was to interview him waaay back in the day (2012, back in the day is relative) on my old radio show. If you’re incredibly bored, and want to hear a version of me that had no clue what he was doing, peep that here. Talib, if you’re reading this, I’d love to chat again and catch up!

PSS – I’m relistening to that interview, Talib drops so much knowledge.