April 04, 2022

On your mark,

Bryan Zawlocki

Hyperpop goes hyperspace in Athens, GA-based artist AyoPaco’s new video for the single “Ready Set Go (Skillet).” On brand with his animated approach to rapping and singing, this song is the result of purposely breaking out of the box to create something fresh and fun. AyoPaco always brings the party with his music, and he continually pushes boundaries of this world to do so. The music video ties heavily into the artist’s PLANET PACO moniker, using space to set the atmosphere with a rush of energy much like blasting off. There’s no slowing down in the non-stop motion of these visuals.

Drive and energy is something AyoPaco puts into everything he creates. Self-producing the single, he worked with his team for two days straight with no sleep to create the finished product. This is a dedication you can feel in the music. AyoPaco is always working in the studio, so expect more to come soon.