Takeoff: The Enigma

“Stack and pray and stay out the way.” – Takeoff

2017 has really been Migos‘ year. They’ve had their biggest hit in Bad and Boujee, plus their ensuing album Culture debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, and has since gone platinum. Their de facto leader Quavo is on pace to become the artist with the most top ten Billboard hits in 2017, while Offset has been murdering feature verses all year for artists ranging from Gucci Mane to Cousin Stizz to Cardi B.

Yet, outside of his releases alongside his perpetually shaded brethren, Takeoff remains particularly quiet. While the other members of Atlanta-based trio have been engaging in solo pursuits for some time, Takeoff just released his first solo single Intruder earlier this year. Though most notable for his interaction with DJ Akademiks and the ‘DoItLookLikeIWasLeftOffBadandBoujee’ memes that followed, we all know the 23-year-old is no slouch on the mic. He shines on virtually every song on Culture, and every feature that includes the Migos (of which he’s the youngest member by nearly three years).

Fans have made light about Quavo’s ever-growing status calling him the Beyoncé of the group. They’ve gushed over Offset and Cardi’s relationshiP, yet have been left with virtually nothing regarding Takeoff–and I’m pretty sure he likes it that way. It’s not like there aren’t artists clamoring for a verse, nor is it that he’s incapable of doing said solo features. In fact, it’s just that Takeoff is wary about people stealing the swag. He raps the most about people co-opting the Migos signature flow. If they’re stealing just based off of their songs and videos, why would he let you in his personal life?

At the time of this writing, Takeoff has posted half the amount of Instagram posts Offset has, and about a third of what Quavo has. He may not be the star of the Migos, but I don’t think he wants to be. This isn’t about some perceived rift in the Migos brotherhood, but rather Takeoff’s personal choice. He knows that Migos’ reign is far from over, in fact, it may just be getting started now that they’ve crossed over to doing songs with the likes of Calvin Harris and Katy Perry. Takeoff simply prefers to stay low, and let the product speak for itself.

Even in their interviews, he sits quiet and reserved preferring to let his more energetic counterparts do the talking until he’s directly addressed. During a recent Breakfast Club interview prior to the release of Culture, Charlemagne the God asked how they respond to beef and their brewing beef with Soulja Boy. Takeoff responded with “stack and pray and stay out the way.”

That’s just how he lives.

Devin is a writer hailing from Memphis, TN. Follow him on Twitter @DevinFromThe7.