Oct 23, 2017

“This shit so Memphis yo’ girl gone be grillin’ while smilin’ and playin’ this shit out her trunk.”


by DevinRobertson


Hippy SOUL, the Memphis duo comprised of Idi Aah Que and Teco, is sure to subvert any notions you previously had about Memphis’ music. The two MCs unleash scathing verses that are more inspired by anime than the trap. “My Dojo,” produced by Bored Lord, brings that classic Memphis boom that Hippy SOUL capitalizes on, breezily switching topics ranging from Memphis neighborhoods to Full Metal Alchemist.

Quintin Lamb helms the beautifully directed clip that seamlessly blends anime-inspired imagery with rugged street elements–just like Hippy SOUL themselves. The juxtaposition of the lush forest scenery with the bleakness of the abandoned buildings perfectly encapsulates the rough-yet-refined approach of Hippy SOUL.

“My Dojo” comes off their debut album Worthy Negrow available everywhere. Check out the video below.