Nov 26, 2019

The emerging artist just dropped a banger.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Tae Retro is emerging out of Kinston, North Carolina and his latest offering is a music video titled, “Masenko!!!”. The title of the track is named after the bright energy wave from Dragon Ball Z and Tae certainly went crazy on this track to adhere to the title. Produced by Kevin Katana, he is able to masterfully construct a transcending instrumental with a brilliant loop and overall just a perfect beat for Tae to elevate his slick bars over. Tae has great control of his flow and lays impactful lyrics with consistency throughout the track and overall just kills it.

The music video is edited by @placeh0ldr who skillfully adds vibrant visuals and slick Dragon Ball Z cut-ins but for the most part, it is a video of Tae and his friend getting lit in an open field just turning up to this heater. Overall I highly recommend tuning into Tae Retro’s new offering as you just may find a new favorite artist.

Enjoy “Masenko!!!” below!