Dec 14, 2018

Swizz shares the visuals to one of “POISON’s” best cuts.


by ASadler


It was clear Swizz Beatz had a very specific artistic vision for his second studio album Poison, and as much effort he put into crafting sounds that rap greats of today could attack with pounding lyricism also went into the accompanying visuals. He spoke on Rap Radar with Elliott Wilson and Brian B. Dot Miller of his intent to make the Nas-featuring “Echo” very special as they flew out to Japan to record. Special it was.

It opens with Swizz paying homage to his fellow New Yorker with a toast, calling him “one of the greatest” and acknowledging the zone they’re on is something special. The Bronx-born producer delivers some bars of his own before the Queens legend recounts the project life, the threats he endured, and the current state of this country. His scene is a white room with bright lights hanging down as he sports an all-white ensemble.

Visually, it’s a very aesthetically pleasing video. The juxtaposition of the brightness, along with the darker stories Nas lays out creates a balanced experience. Obviously, the two are rich and successful, but their upbringing, the struggles of their people and the world today weigh heavily on them.

Yet another example of why Swizz isn’t just any normal music mind, and of course we thank him for influencing the Nas verse we all hoped for when NASIR came out in June. Check out “Echo” above.