by GregGaffney


Swerzie, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, connected with his fellow Icy Rotten crew member, Downtime, to put together a 6-track EP titled, “Ice The World.” Swerzie and Downtime make up half of the Icy Rotten roster, the other half containing producer Lil Shrub, and the ultra-talented, mysterious Aftertheparty. 

The chemistry built out of the crew atmosphere is very apparent on this EP, where Swerzie and Downtime bounce back and forth through different production and vocal styles, and coming out with cohesive tracks each time. Songs like Deeboyz showcase the catchier elements of both artist’s skills, mixed with the juxtaposition that tracks like the stretched-out Leanndoer push into a spacey, druggy, sinister area of their skill set. Both Swerzie and Downtime showcase range through the project, all the while staying in their strengths to create “Ice The World.”

This project does what good EPs should do, and it leaves us with a good frame of reference of who these artists are, but also leaves us wanting more. Swerzie, and the rest of his Icy Rotten conglomerate, have built up substantial bodies of work, and it seems like the time is near for the world to pay attention. Check “Ice The World” below, and stay tuned for future releases from the Icy Rotten collective.