The drastic volume of talent emerging from the relatively small market of Chattanooga, Tennessee is almost overwhelming at times. The city with a population just a shade under two-hundred thousand has firmly imprinted its unique style and brand upon the rap scene, and I would not be surprised at all if this distinct blend of instrumentation, old-school flows, and the perfect pinch of the new school becomes the status quo of rap in the next couple of years.

Swayvo is another budding rapper poised to spring from local stardom to national prominence as his catalog continues to imprint itself on listeners worldwide. “Never Trust” is a highly impressive expose, showing Swayvo’s knack for clever, firm bars and lyrics mixed with his innate gift of switching voices and flows to keep listeners at their seats as his tracks develop. J White crafted a fantastic instrumental, perfect for Swayvo’s outpouring of emotion.

Check out “Never Trust” by Swayvo here: