Nov 1, 2019

by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Swavay has just blessed his fanbase with a brand new three-song EP titled Pure Pack. This is Swavay’s most recent release since the drop of his masterful album Pure Infinity, and it is safe to say Swavay cannot stop making heat. I knew this man was cut differently from the rest of Atlanta after one listen of Pure Infinity and I turned into such a fan of his art and what he stands for, which created a lot of anticipation in me for how he would follow that album up. Swavay is one of the most well-rounded and versatile artists on the rise as a whole and not just out of Atlanta and anyone who takes the time to listen to this remarkable project will see instantly notice just how talented he is.

Swavay’s brilliance is on full display throughout as he offers up a completely different cadence on each of the three tracks to create such an atmospheric feel. The first track is an anthemic masterpiece, titled “Dog Food” which emits the same aura as “2 AM” to me and is nothing short of infectious and prolific. The second track is an energetic offering with the help of the prominent Pyrex Whippa on the instrumental to create quite an outlandish and zealous instrumental to propel Swavay’s always remarkable verses. The final track is a deep-cutting R&B track titled “Better” and it simply leaves me questioning what can’t this amazing artist execute because I am fully convinced his musical capabilities know no boundaries. Please get hip to Swavay if you are not yet because you are missing out on an Atlanta front-runner.

Please enjoy Pure Pack below!