Nov 2, 2018

by GregGaffney


London-based Suzi Wu is on to something special, with her sound balancing somewhere between punk rock and pop, but also sounding like it came right out of the mid-2000’s. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day, as Suzi pens melody after melody on “Grim Reaper.”

The glitched-out, horrorcore Pierce.Gabriel directed video is perfect for Halloween, and plays right into the strength of Suzi’s darker, alternative personality. Grim Reaper acts as the single for her upcoming EP, Error 404, which is due out at the top of the year. Suzi popped up on Pigeons and Planes at the beginning of 2018 with the drop of her Teenage Witch EP, so who knows what’s next after an entire year to fully put together the soon to be released Error 404. Her next EP is set to be released as part of her partnership with Def Jam, which will surely add dividends to her rise to the top of the pop, punk, rock, or whatever chart that her sound falls under.

Check out the video for Grim Reaper below.