Nov 1, 2018

Press play on Sule’s newest.


by ASadler


New Jersey will always have something to say, and today’s messenger is none other than Sule, originally from Englewood. He’s been working very hard lately, with the Park Avenue EP dropping earlier this year, freestyles all over his social media and performing at shows throughout the East Coast. This week he released his personal take on Meek Mill‘s summer smash “Stay Woke.”

Meek, upon being released from jail, dropped one of the most powerful tracks of this year in “Stay Woke” featuring the hook master Miguel. His new outlook on life and the legal system allowed him to truly be vulnerable and help us to open our eyes to the reality of how black people are still treated to this day. Sule, 24, matched the Philly rapper’s energy to address how black people are perceived in the media but also took the time to address other rappers and women.

He filled us in on some of the dreams he has when it comes to music, like performing at Summer Jam with Kendrick Lamar, being signed to Dreamville alongside J. Cole, and being flown out to Toronto by Drake. He quickly takes it back to reality though, acknowledging there’s still ways to go and he’s not looking to be just any guy who raps.

It’s a lyrical barrage, as each bar stings right before you get a chance to recover. The wordplay and diction is evidence of a true love for Hip-Hop and its origins. A rapper like Sule can very well have the staying power of the greats with the way he approaches his music.

Check out the video below, as well as the Park Avenue EP.