Dec 26, 2018

Sule isn’t interested in the “Jealousy”.


by ASadler


“I just gotta thank the man up above, cause you know jealousy’s a hell of a drug.” Facts. New Jersey’s dreadlocked monster Sule is back again, this time with a visual for “Jealousy.” Though his talent has taken him near and far, the one consistent thing is he appears in each frame alone perpetuating the idea that no one’s really got you quite as you’ve got you. Even those closest to you can be consumed by envy sometimes.

Over a flip of the legendary “C.R.E.A.M” by Wu-Tang Clan, the lyricist asserts himself in describing his success with the ladies, the people in his circle who ride for him when necessary, and his inability to move like the clowns out here. Sule’s flow and cadences feel like that of someone ahead of his time, especially over this classic beat. The way he utilizes modern day references helps to keep his content relevant for the younger generation though, so there’s something for everyone here.

A notable set of lines would have to be “Now I’m winning and she-cock riding, I’m dipping on her when the stock rising, You hear the bullets and the cop sirens, Y’all niggas think I’m cooking noodles in the pot, I’m at the Top Ramen, Let’s make the news, bring the Fox 5 in.” The two-minute, 51-second track is laced with clever wordplay like this.

Sule is coming off the release of his freestyle video to Meek Mill‘s “Stay Woke” and is looking to deliver more than just additional good music to end off 2018. Through his Instagram, he’s arranged a competition with a $500 Neiman Marcus gift card up for grabs. Imagine sharing this song with your girl AND being able to ball out on her at Neiman Marcus? You’d certainly owe the young man a stream or seven.

Check out Sule’s IG for information on the contest and watch the “Jealousy” video above.