Oct 14, 2018

by sawad



Stu G and Lil Drank are two rising stars from an overlooked hub of creativity known as Connecticut. Today, they jump off the top rope with a collaborative release titled ”RxD”.

Stu G, aka “Ghetto Grunge”, is a character straight out of a comic book; what he says jumps out at you. With records for all ages and all kinds of people, Stu G doesn’t disappoint. His counterpart, Lil Drank, delivers infectious hooks, sporadic deliveries, off the wall ad libs and unmistakable crooning help him stand out and differentiate himself from the rest.

Bringing in a fun vibe to their discography, a whole project from the duo is already set to happen and in the works First, however, check out their dope new single “RxD” through the link below.