Jul 22, 2019

by jgregory


This is the first article I have written about a topic that is somewhat of an enigma to me. I love clothes and I really enjoy streetwear, but I am not going to pretend I have the first notion about the ins and outs of screenprinting, sewing, or graphic designs and frankly know zero of the nuance surrounding streetwear. I am your regular casual fan who likes wearing and looking at clothes.

With that being said I wanted to do a profile on one of my favorite emerging brands SIXCELL, that has quietly amassed a strong cult following amidst the underground community and beyond. Their owner, Jake, is active and passionate about his work, and his creativity and eye for design are evident just at a glance.

Recently he released his latest line, featuring a variety of shirts and shorts that I could see myself easily rocking. My two favorites of these pieces are the “SCREW CELL” shirt, paying homage to the legendary Houston DJ, DJ Screw. Jake continued this tribute by dropping the new line on the late Screw’s birthday. Another shirt that I found particularly cool was the “CELL II SOCIETY” tee which draws inspiration from the gritty ’90s classic film Menace II Society. 

Unfortunately the clothing scene that runs adjacent to the underground music scene is all too overlooked and hopefully, ELEVATOR can do our part to shine some light on these incredibly talented individuals.

Shop the new SIXCELL collection at the link below.