May 25, 2019

Steve Lacy’s debut album Apollo XXI is sure to draw you in, however you decide to let it.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


Following the 2017 release of Steve Lacy‘s solo EP, Steve Lacy’s Demo, it was only right that Steve chose the day that he turned 21 to gift us with an independent solo album titled Apollo XXI. The Internet released Hive Mind just last year & after some long months of touring, the group is now all working on solo projects so this release, in turn, was highly anticipated, to say the least. I’ve always viewed Lacy as somewhat of a time traveler, the experienced and timeless essence of his soul seeming to re-spawn in this realm as what we would view as a ‘musical genius’. I say these words in a sense of how Lacy exposes the innermost parts of himself, parts that most would normally mask or cover up. In other terms, Lacy confidently wears all of his attributes on his sleeve, always fearless in his expression.

Apollo XXI is a raw & uncut story/explanation of his truth, with the song “Like Me” being one of the highlights pertaining to this theme. Lacy states “I only feel energy, I see no gender” on this track, introducing the more free-loving aspects of who he has grown to become. This album really feels like Lacy is coming into a higher version of himself, even his sound being completely obvious in expansion. Lacy’s ability in channeling such eclectic vibrations says a great deal about his understanding when it comes to playing instruments and how his voice & ability mesh with the two. He proves thoroughly to us again that age has nothing to do with anything in the grand scheme of things, each track on the album being endearing, unique & appealing. His attitude and musical aesthetics are individually exciting to see radiate such a shedding light. Steve gave us an even deeper understanding of Apollo XXI in a recent interview with i-D Magazine, “It’s basically my journey, my sexuality, but in a very fun and witty way. It’s not really that serious, it’s not super-sad. I think it’s my journey. It’s an expression of how I feel right now.”

Press play below to stream Steve Lacy’s Apollo XXI now: