Nov 26, 2018

Equal parts laughs and lyrics.


by ASadler


Nowadays, you don’t really need a huge budget anymore for music videos. Especially when you can have a popular celebrity alongside you. Does the same count for a cardboard cut out of that celebrity? We’ll let you be the judge after you watch Los Angeles rapper STEVE‘s video for “Tell Me.”

Starring a life-size cut out of iCarly star Jennette McCurdy, the video features boys just being boys. They’re throwing a party and waiting for the hot girl to show up, and in comes their cardboard queen. They play beer pong, drink a lot, and rap about their disdain for mayonnaise. There are multiple humorous scenes throughout the video that contribute to the overall fun vibe of the song.

STEVE, originally both in Charlotte, NC cites his main influences as Drake, the late Mac Miller, and KYLE. Their influence can be felt in his music as he raps, sings melodies, constructs catchy choruses, and the beat has elements of pop and EDM to it. He strives to maintain that balance so that he can serve as a bridge between the older and younger music fans.

Though Jennette McCurdy was not able to join the cast in the video, her very existence allowed for the team to come up with such a creative hook for the video. The Snapchats at the beginning and end are nice touches too. Check out the video for “Tell Me” below.