Nov 13, 2018

Ronin’s releases have been highly impressive all year, and this new EP is perhaps his most alluring offering to date.


by jgregory


Nashville’s Ronin and Unhappy Hank have been an exciting duo for the latter half of 2018 and their long-awaited EP, Dabi, is the culmination of the hype that has been bubbling as a result of the prior releases. The constant motif of horror movie imagery is present throughout the project, and Hank helps facilitate this mood with his dark, hard-knocking instrumentals. Throughout, Ronin unpacks the frustration and bubbling rage inside of all our overlooked or just belligerent youth.

Artistically, Ronin’s verses and lyrics took great strides in comparison to his previous work. He employs several double entendres and allusions, taking his prose to new heights. His hooks also began to develop into more complete products, as he is constantly improving at crafting catchy, but shoutable chants.

Check out Dabi here: