January 18, 2022

Stars align.


"Thinkin Bout U" is Star2’s next pop selection. In the music video for this catchy, acoustic-guitar-based love song, reminiscent of the Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah”, our hero is depicted as an “everyday Joe”. A Lyft-driver to be exact, who is taken with his beautiful fare from a chic Hollywood hotel. Star2, as fate would have it, unknowingly meets this very girl online. Later in the song, as he has fantasies and hallucinations about her throughout his week, he discovers the girl he has been texting is the girl from the hotel! "When you see a hella hot girl, you get a little obsessed...the butterflies and that rush! Dudes can definitely be romantic!"

"Thinkin Bout U" follows this extremely versatile artist's reggae-based hit single “December,” his hip-hop banger “Real Life” which featured Jacksonville, Florida rapper Lil Poppa, and the broken-hearted love ballad "I Wanna Get F’d Up" featuring megastar Luh Kel. All four songs will be featured in Star2's upcoming EP "Real Life", along with two additional songs, set for release in February and March.