Nov 29, 2018

Mac Miller’s Spotify Singles have been released and are unlike anything you’ve heard all day.


by Mike_Squid


Spotify has had a slew of iconic artists involved in their signature live series, “Spotify Single”. Unfortunately, the latest release comes with a bit of a grim undertone as the artist at hand is no longer with us. While the loss of Mac Miller still seems surreal to fans, friends, and family, the enigmatic singer’s legacy will undoubtedly outlive us all. Today, Spotify shared two previously recorded singled for Mac’s mini-EP for the Spotify Singles series.

True to form of the series, one is an original of Mac’s, “Dunno”, featured on his recently released album, Swimming. The other is a cover of an old Billy Preston tune that you may not be familiar with, but should absolutely press play on. “Nothing From Nothing” is a decades-old song, but Mac’s connection to the track can be felt in every breath. The stripped down tonality of each track allows Mac to be the listener’s sole focus in one of the more moving live recording sessions in the series’ history.

Enjoy each track below as you’ve never heard before.