May 13, 2019

1xBoom has been buzzing the past few months and has just released his anticipated visuals for “Trendin”.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

1xBoom is known for coming on the track with energy and he has delivered yet another lively banger. 1xBoom and his guys matched the intensity of the song on his visual to “Trendin” by turning up on the streets in their neighborhood and local train tracks. 1xBoom has showcased his ability to rap at different tempos along with different rhyme schemes in order to adhere to the instrumental he is on. This is a promising attribute for the young rapper as he only continues to improve.

1xBoom has only been rapping for a little more than a year but has been quite consistent in the music he drops. He is a true product of the city of Philadelphia as his raps highlight his inner-city life with his boys. 1xBoom is definitely a name that has been on the rise in the city and his numbers are steadily increasing on Soundcloud and just maybe after these visuals, he will, in fact, be “Trendin”.