Sep 8, 2015

You’re about to see this new Range Rover in a whole bunch of music videos


by Duke



Not that Land Rover needed any help making their Range Rover line more appealing to the hip-hop industry, but they just beefed up their repertoire. Despite the hype of the Cadillac Escalade initially, the Range Rover has long been favored by hip-hop’s affluent, at least lyrically, as you can see in the graphs below (courtesy of the Rap Stats tool over at RapGenius).

RapStats_escalade RapStats_range

The new LR beast will be called the Sentinel and will mostly resemble a typical Range Rover, save for the six-piece armored cell manufactured from super-high-strength steel that encapsulates its passengers. The vehicle will protect its inhabitants from armor-piercing bullets, mines and even grenades. Sounds tight, where can I grab one?