Jan 26, 2019

sonnydopecat drops a “Cold” new single.


by ASadler


There’s a level of relief in ending a relationship, but of course, there are some doubts and second-guessing. However, that true moment of clarity when you truly realize you’re better off alone because your former lover did you dirty is almost exhilarating. Whether driven by pettiness or redemption, Sonnydopecat expresses a feeling we have all shared in his new track “COLD.”

There’s definitely some rock influence here with the electric but the kid is flowing. He emphatically says over the hook “I don’t give a fuck about her no more, I said she broke my heart and left it in the snow, Fuck that shit I’m better off alone, Yeah she fucked it up, I’m so cold now.” It’s crazy the people we have so much love for at a point can turn us into these hardened versions of ourselves.

The 22-year-old’s voice fits very well with the background music and it’s an easily digestible story. He doesn’t talk just about protecting himself in the future from love, but also physically. “I keep that 40 on my hip in case it goes down.” I’d be very cautious about breaking this guy’s heart in the future.

Sonnydopecat anticipates a big 2019, after strong releases last year like “handout,” “alone,” and “resume.” He actually followed up “COLD” with “CRASHEDTHEWHIP” which is a car banger if I’ve ever heard one. The Springfield, Illinois artist can hit you from many directions so I’d keep an eye out. He just wants folks to be comfortable and inspired. What more can we ask for?

Check out “COLD” above!