September 17, 2018

This six-track EP is way too slept on.


Being early on music is nice. Occasionally, things slip through the cracks. Maybe you catch wind a few months after,  sometimes even a year or more. Blog etiquette is to keep it moving on the new music, but we have to run it back and talk about some great music that deserves to shine. Late is better than never, right?

Baby Keem and his 6-track, CardoGotWings assisted Hearts & Darts should be on everyone’s radar. All 6 tracks are pure fire, where Keem keeps pace with Cardo’s rocking production. Tracks like Locked In shows huge promise for Keem and his hit-making ability. The rapper-producer has a feel for creating different energies, as seen through the tracklist of this short but sweet EP.

Some tracks turn more turn up rap bops, some take a smoother R&B approach, opting for more melody. Keem is packed with talent, so much talent that a random beat pack sent to the TDE email landed him production credits on Jay Rock’s album, Redemption. In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, Keem highlights that a full project with Cardo is due out at some point in the remainder of this year, so for now, we will have to play Hearts & Darts on repeat waiting for the next hits from the young secretive artist.

Check out the EP below.