Nov 8, 2019

Slatt Zy is quickly rising out of Chattanooga.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Slatt Zy has quickly become one of my favorite rising artists and he is looking to build off of the buzz currently around his name and his latest offering “Opps” certainly will propel his buzz. The 17-year-old Chattanooga, Tennessee native has an extremely exciting presence on the track that cannot be compared to anyone else out right now. Slatt is able to flow at any speed he wants while maintaining exquisite control of his voice and it makes for one of the most infectious and memorable tracks I have heard in weeks. I cannot stress the fact that Slatt Zy is going to be a star enough and everyone needs to get hip as soon as possible as a real talent if beginning to emerge.

The music video is shot by the prominent David G who always seems to be working with the hottest artists out so this is certainly phenomenal exposure for Slatt which is exactly what he needs. In the video, Slatt is getting lit in his community with all of his people showing their support as it is overall an excellent song to turn up to.

Please check out “Opps” below!